Our Clients

Please forgive our dated website. We are busy caring for our clients but will have a new LRD website soon! In the meantime check our work below and like our FB page for updates.

The Center for Optimum Living


I had been updating the text on The Center for Optimum Living’s website for many years when Sal contacted me to update his site from the static, 600px wide, HTML website that it was originally, to a modern responsive website.

Sal wanted the site to reflect the warmth of The Center for Optimum Living, without cluttering the site. The final product is open and natural, just like Sal. The images were taken by long time friend, Tom Huetz (the original webmaster of the original website).

Body in Soul


Beverly Toporowski is a long-time, faithful client. Years ago I had created a website for her husband, David Toporowski. Recently she contacted me to create a website for her Energy Medicine practice. She wanted it to be sophisticated, friendly and earthy. As well as appealing to a balanced audience.

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Florida Living Shorelines

fls2Anyone who has worked with me, or who knows me personally, will understand what a joy it was for me to manage & create this website project. Although tricky at times, with all of the information, the subject is near to my heart. Be sure to check out the hundreds of downloads in the “Helpful Documents & Links” section.

Bachmann & Associates


Bill Bachmann travels & photographs for some of the world’s biggest ad agencies, travel companies, cruises, magazines, airlines, restaurants & Fortune 500 companies. For his Orlando and Florida markets he has handpicked an exceptional group of photographers & videographers Bachmann & Associates. This website showcases their amazing work. Bill is one of the warmest people I have had the pleasure to work with. This warmth is what gives him the connection and eye to not only capture amazing photographs, but to also pick an amazing team to work in his Florida market.

The Morristown Armory CraftMarket

Morristown Armory CraftMarket _ Lois Reed DesignsThe Kiwanis Club of Randolph sponsors the annual Morristown CraftMarket. Anita Freeman, a representative from the Kiwanis Club, asked Lois Reed Designs to design a website that would complement their show. Being an artist myself, and having participated in similar shows in past years, I was thrilled to take this project. The quality of the art accepted into the Morristown CraftMarket was a great inspiration when designing the look of the MACM website.

Linda Benanti Voice Studio

Linda Benanti Voice Studio _ Lois Reed Designs

Linda Benanti is a brilliant voice teacher, located in Kinnelon, New Jersey. Not wanting to take time away from her work, she asked only for a presence on the web. We decided to create a 1 page website for her voice studio containing contact information and a bit about Linda herself. The video shows the depths of Linda Benanti’s talent.

Joint & Sole


Lisa Charney is a talented yoga teacher. We have been discussing her website for a long time. Joint & Sole is an example of the birthing process that takes place when designing a website, organically. She originally wanted blues and peaches, now she has a quiet, soothing black and white website. Neither of us are certain how we got here, but the overall look and feel of the site is how I feel when practicing yoga … quiet and without distraction …visit her site and feel for yourself.

K. V. Krishnan

I love it when a wonderful person finds me randomly on google and our working relationship is pure delight. K. V. Krishnan is one of those wonderful people. He is an incredible travel & humor writer, as well as a soulful artist.

He came to me with a WordPress site that was broken and hadn’t been updated in years. I rebuilt his website and added an online shop for him to sell his artwork. He is now a regular blogger, and has taken over full control of the website. Visit his site at kvkrishnan.com, and be sure to check his facebook page for announcements on his book, Rambles into Sacred Realms.

Remmey Antiques & Fine Art

Remmey Antiques_ Lois Reed Designs

Remmey Antiques & Fine Art wanted a website that is sophisticated, formal, friendly, yet also reflecting an antique feel. I custom designed a website in a WordPress CMS for them so that they could have full control of the posts and events on the website. The slider on the home page not only shows their work, but also links to the inner pages of the website.

Art & Soul

Nitya Martino, a Certified Structural Yoga Therapist & Fine Artist, contacted Lois Reed Designs to build a website for her Healing Arts practice.

She wanted her website to evolve from her artwork, into a serene place for her to share information about her work in Meditation and Structural Yoga Therapy™. In addition to using Nitya’s artwork as the frame for the website, each section uses the corresponding Chakra color.

It was a delight to work with such a talented and dynamic person!

Banner Design, Laura Rowley

Laura Rowley

Laura Rowley is an intuitive healer and animal communicator. It was a delight to design a banner for her website. What fun, perusing all of her photos and gathering the animal love around her! Visit her at www.laurarowleyhealer.com

The Marine Discovery Center

Marine Discovery Center

The Marine Discovery Center!! Explore your waters … I love working with these people. I have spent a lot of hours giving eco-tours and volunteering for MDC. This website was built in collaboration with Phycel Designs.

Fruit of the Vine

Fruit of the Vine _ Lois Reed Designs

Colleen Hintz is a force of creativity! I immediately  fell in love with her work, and knew that I wanted to create sliding banners for each page, as well as use her vestments as a background for the body. The website was originally built in static HTML/CSS with Flash galleries.  I recently customized a photocrati wordpress theme for her, which allowed for easy updates to the many galleries, as well as allowing the site to be seen clearly on the new tablet technologies.
Each piece is an amazing work of art!

Dave Top Designs

Dave Top Designs _ Lois Reed Designs

Artist David Toporowski wanted to update his website, which had been built using a template which no longer worked in all browsers. Because the code was dated, I suggested that we build a new website, and use his art and his signature as the source of the website’s “look.”

David’s website is a perfect example of letting the client’s work design the site, rather than me, the website designer. Every visual element in this website is a piece of David’s artwork. When working with artists, there are times that I have to step back as a designer and simply put their work into XHTML code.

A1A Bicycle Repair

Ron & Maureen’s Bicycle Repair, located in Volusia County, Florida ROCKS! They have saved me on more than one occasion with quick fixes to the bicycle that keeps me sane. They offer bicycle repair services in Volusia County and they make house calls. Ron & Maureen service the area where beach riding rules. They will keep you pedaling with the waves!

Memories by Design by Emily

Memories by Design by Emily _ Lois Reed Designs

Elizabeth McEntee is a school teacher in New Jersey who allows herself to unwind at the end of the day with an imagination that runs wild. I was delighted to have the chance to build a website for her creations. All of the pieces, including the page background, were extracted from her artwork. Explore her gallery, it is a trip into the child you had thought was missing!

Backyard Pool & Spa Repair, LLC

Backyard Pool & Spa Repair _ Lois Reed Designs

Michael McMaster, of Backyard Pool & Spa Repair, LLC, contacted Lois Reed Designs to build his company’s website based on the brochures and business cards that had been designed by Jodi Petropoulos of Fantastic Design Group.

Jodi was great to work with. As a designer and “Graphic Goddess” she knew the exact files that I needed to make the transition from print to web. Keeping the look of Backyard Pool & Spa’s marketing material consistent, Michael was able to “Brand” his company’s look across all of his advertising materials.

The Front Porch Antiques

The Front Porch Antiques _ Lois Reed Designs

Judith Salvino contacted Lois Reed Designs to update her existing website which featured her antique shop in Mullica Hill, New Jersey. She was interested in having a web site designed for her that she could maintain herself, adding & deleting inventory on a weekly basis. She also wanted this inventory to be showcased with thumbnails and larger pictures, all controlled by her. Lois Reed Designs designed the layout, and Phycel Designs created the Content Management System that allows Judith full control over her website.

EMS Massage Therapy

E.M.S. Massage Therapy_Lois Reed Designs

Elle Lariviere contacted me to design a one page website to give her business, E.M.S. Massage Therapy, a presence on the internet. She had a favorite piece of art that a friend had painted for her, a silhouette of a tree lined lake shore. She asked if I could work this into her website, along with the colors of the sunset. The result is a calm and dynamic visual website. We have since added pages to the E.M.S. Massage Therapy website and will continue to do so as time goes on. That is the beauty of a website, you can begin small and build onto it as you like.

Snap Two It Photography

Snap Two It photography _ Lois Reed Designs

Kristen Totaro, photographer & founder of Snap Two It Photography, wanted a website that would deliver information without interfering with her photography. She wanted the layout to be simple & crisp.

Galleries were created with categories to show her work in a clear format, thus highlighting the areas she specializes in.

Linda Messier Art

Linda Messier Art _ Lois Reed Designs

Linda Messier  wanted the look of her site to be feminine yet primitive and earthy. We wanted to avoid using the standard black background that you see on many art sites.
We pulled this background color from her paintings – looking for a color that was unique for the web, and would convey Linda’s style.
This site was featured in the international publication “Practical Web Design”, Issue#27.

Blue Planet Energy Services

Blue Planet Energy Services

Blue Planet Energy Services, contacted Lois Reed Designs to create a presence on the web. They wanted a one page website, containing an overview of his company’s services along with his contact information.

A one page website provides an important service for the small business. Today many people turn to the computer before the yellow pages. Having a website is important for enabling the customer to find you via Google, and other popular search engines.  When looking for services on the web, many people want to know only this:
· Does this company provide the service that I need?
· How do I get in touch with this company?

Ditchfield Holistic Therapy

Ditchfield Holistic Therapy _ Lois Reed Designs

Russell Ditchfield wanted a site built for his holistic physical therapy business. He wanted to convey the message that his line of work helps to enhance performance and improve overall health. As his site was going to be text heavy, we had to pay careful attention to his home page. We wanted to ensure that it be dynamic and catch the attention of the eye. We opted for a Flash slide-show, filled with images of Russell’s choosing, along with a quote that he thought best described the work that he performs.

Room Matters

Room Matters _ Lois Reed Designs

Lorna Milbauer, of Room Matters, Interior Design, contacted Lois Reed Designs to create a website that would showcase her beautiful Interior Design work.

Lorna wanted a neutral color scheme, letting her photos tell the story of her work. We kept the layout of this website simple so that her stunning interior design work could take center stage.

Lorna creates beautiful homes, while carefully working within her clients’ budgets.

Susan Durant Poetry

Susan Durant Poetry _ Lois Reed Designs

Susan Durant wanted a website show her poetry books, along with contact information for sales. She doesn’t spend much time on the internet and had no idea of what she wanted for the look of her site. Her only request was that it be “earthy”. As a poetry site would be “light” on imagery – I had to come up with a way to create visual interest. I asked her what she thought best describes her, and her poetry, to which she answered ” a river”. I then enlisted my artist/photographer friend, Linda Messier, and we spent the day getting shots of rivers.