The Class that changes lives ….

Registration is still open for Life Book 2017.

These classes have changes me in so many ways, both artistically and internally.  I had to share them with you.

The year is still young and registration is still open. Come work with this generous, loving and magical woman … and me 🙂

Life book 2017

Happy Colorful Explorations!



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… more on hosting companies for WordPress

Which hosting company should you use for a WordPress website?

hosting companies

There are many Web hosting companies out there, and each one has its pros and cons. I deal mainly with web hosting for WordPress, and when it comes to shared hosting, there are many companies which offer top notch hosting for a WordPress blog. Bluehost and Hostmonster are my preferred hosting companies.

Their technicians are educated in CMS web servers and the problems that can occur. This makes my job faster, thus your invoices lower, when updates to the core cause conflicts in your website.

They also keep their servers up to date so that they can handle the new technologies which are constantly changing.

If you are having trouble with your hosting company, or planning a new website HostMonster and BlueHost have treated me and my clients great over the years.

Call us today for any of your website or marketing needs, (386) 402-4196

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Art & Soul, 108 update

art and oul 108The Art and Soul website is now updated and responsive! I have worked with Nitya Martino for several years. She is an amazing teacher and artist. We used her artwork throughout the website. Nitya’s work, both in art and healing exquisite.

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Custom Built, Team Effort

projecth2oThe new website for Project H20 is right where my heart is,  here in the waters of Florida. I encourage you to look through this site and learn as much as you can to care for this essential life resource. There are a lot of links to it, but also be sure to check out the website –

I love working on projects that help to educate people so that  we can make this planet a healthy place for all of life.

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New work, Square Space customized

CELlgWhen I see a website that I love, I look at the source-code to check how it was made. Most of the time I find WordPress in the background. But, lately, I have been seeing SquareSpace behind the scenes. I called them and asked a lot of questions about being able to modify it with my own jquery & css. They told me it would be no problem.

I am so comfortable with WordPress that this conversation had slipped my mind until Audrey Sloofman (President of Create Exceptional Leaders ) came to me, needing her website up and running for a conference in Switzerland the following week. I saw my opportunity to get my hands dirty with SquareSpace.

I was pleasantly surprised. Audrey still needed some help with the interface, but I was also able to do some customization for her. In the future we will focus on SEO and additional features. But, for this 5 day build SquareSpace came to the rescue.

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Writing for the Web

writing for the web _ Lois Reed Designs
Studies have shown that when we use the web, we have the attention span of a 3 year old. Users tend to “skim- read”  a Web page, and scan the pages for relevant information.

With that in mind, it’s best to present information in “sound-bites” or small chunks, with links to more detailed information if needed. Instead of creating a single long page of text, take away all the extraneous information and rework what’s left into smaller elements with relevant headings.

Search Engines scan the 1st few Continue reading

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SEO is alive and well


The good, old-fashioned rules still stand strong when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, as well as a few new rules. Here is the “short list”:

  • Using a URL that includes a keyword
  • Including your primary keyword in the title
  • Naturally using your keyword within the first few hundred words
  • Not overusing your keyword in the remaining text
  • Keeping your content relevant, on-topic and easy to read
  • Linking to relevant off-site content
  • Including relevant and optimized images & videos
  • Checking your grammar and spelling
  • Filling out a relevant and interesting meta description
  • Making sure your page is mobile friendly

Call 386-402-4196 for a consultation, or email for help “getting found” on Google and other search engines.

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New Website, Florida Living Shorelines

FLS, Lois Reed Designs
Kent Smith, Melody Ray-Culp and Lois Reed Designs spent several months collecting text and data for the Florida Living Shorelines Website.

It was a labor of love for the waters of Florida. It was also a balancing act to deliver this amount of information, while keeping it clear and concise for the reader.

There is a Continue reading

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Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

moblie websiteA recent New York Times article states that Google is ready to put moble friendly sites at the top of its’ search pages. Is your site ready? Continue reading

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Protect your WordPress website

hackingRecent attacks on  wordpress websites have prompted me to remind folks once again how important monthly (if not weekly) updates are in the backend of your WordPress website.

The clients who have hired me to do monthly maintenance have had no issues, and have been safe from attacks. Clients who have declined my suggestion to sign on for the monthly updates and maintenance have been emailing frantically about maleware getting in through the backend and infecting thier website. Continue reading

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