About Lois Reed

Lois Reed Designs

Website Designer, Artist,
Naturalist, EcoTour Guide

My areas of expertise include:

  • website design, “code poet”
  • fine art
  • graphic design
  • SEO copy-writing
  • copy-writing
  • project management
  • art direction
  • mixed-media art; canvas and sculpture
  • book illustration
  • wilderness education
  • art education
Lois Reed Designs
Lois Reed Designs

For many years I owned a bookstore/gallery/live-music venue in Northwest New Jersey. I also grew up in a family owned health food store (Earth Things in Denville, N.J.) It was in these retail environments that I learned the importance of merchandise display esthetics. I discovered that using ‘visual delight’ greatly increased product sales. I find this knowledge invaluable when designing for the virtual world of the internet.

I studied art at The School of Visual Arts in NYC. I returned to college in 2003 to earn my Certification in Website Design. This certification, coupled with my college art studies, and my business background, has formed a fun and focused method of website design.

Art is in my DNA. Although I studied art in college, my real art studies began at my mother’s knee.Growing up I learned to see everything with an artist’s eye as we sketched & painted everywhere we journeyed. Some of my fondest memories are of us picnicking and drawing the plants growing by the streams.

… she taught me to see the purples in a winter field.

I am an artist to my core.
I bring this artistry into my website/graphic design process.

Having studied at the School of Visual Arts,
I am very conscious of color, form and typography.

I feel that these elements give my clients a unique presence in the world.


Together we work to create Branding that represents YOU.

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