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lois reed

About me …. I am an artist to my core, as I believe we all are.

One person’s art may be painting or music, while another person’s art may be cooking, cars, or gardening … it is all art, all expression.

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For many years I owned a bookstore/gallery/live music venue in Northwest New Jersey called “Inner Vision”. It was there, as well as growing up in a family owned health food store (Earth Things), that I learned the importance of display and how to move products using ‘visual delight’. I find these lessons invaluable when designing and displaying in the virtual world of the internet.

I returned to college in 2003 and earned my Certification in WebSite Design. This certification, coupled with my art studies at the School of Visual Arts and my business background in marketing and visual display, has formed a fun and focused method of website design.

Officially, I studied art at The School of Visual Arts in NYC. But, where I really learned art was at my mother’s knee. Growing up I watched as she sketched & painted everything in sight. Some of my fondest memories are of us picnicking and drawing the plants by the brook … she taught me to see the purples in a winter field.

My love of nature extends back to the beginning of time. I have worked as a Wilderness Survival instructor as well as experiencing the sea and the Grand Tetons with NOLs and Outward Bound. In addition to art and website design, I lead eco tours as a certified Florida Coastal and Freshwater Naturalist.

Although my primary source of income is presently website design, my heart lies in the wilds of nature and the paints on canvas. I look forward to developing more workshops to help bring people back to their connection with the natural world and with the voice of their Soul.

“Out of this world talent and a superb human being” Colleen Hintz

Vestment Maker, Fruit of the Vine

“stellar quality” John Gheur

Designer, Signature Creative

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