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Fruit of the Vine, Vestments

Colleen Hintz is a force of creativity!

I immediately  fell in love with her work, and knew that I wanted to create sliding banners with slices of her vestments for each page,
as well as use a vestment as the background for the body.

The website was originally built in static HTML/CSS with Flash galleries.  I recently customized a wordpress theme for her, to match her old site. Now her website  works on touch tecnology and is responsive to different screens.

Enter and enjoy!  Each piece is an amazing work of art!

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Marine Discovery Center

The Marine Discovery Center, Discover Amazing … I have spent many hours giving eco-tours and volunteering for MDC. As a result, building this website was a labor of the heart.

With an emphasis on conservation, eco-tours and camps I coined the line Exploration | Conservation | Education to drive the UI (User Interface) of the website. This helped to highlight the key mission of MDC, as well as assisting the visitor in navigating to the sections they are interested in.

The images are a combination of photography taken by the MDC staff and stock photography, giving the website a personal touch & showcasing our local beauty.

Please take the time to read through the pages and learn about all of the incredible work MDC is doing for the environment!

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The Center for Optimum Living

I had been updating the text on The Center for Optimum Living’s website for many years when Sal contacted me to update his site from the static, 600px wide, HTML website that it was originally, to a modern responsive website.

Sal wanted the site to reflect the warmth of The Center for Optimum Living, without cluttering the site. The final product is open and natural, just like Sal. The images were taken by long time friend, Tom Huetz (the original webmaster of the original website).

It was a delight to work with such insightful and talented people.

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Project H2O

The new website for Project H20 is right where my heart is,  here in the waters of Florida. I encourage you to look through this site and learn as much as you can to care for this essential life resource. There are a lot of links to it, but also be sure to check out the website – befloridiannow.org

I love working on projects that help to educate people so that  we can make this planet a healthy place for all of life.

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Florida Living Shorelines

Anyone who has worked with me, or who knows me personally, will understand what a joy it was for me to manage & create this website project. The subject of the health of our planet is near to my heart. Be sure to check out the hundreds of downloads in the “Helpful Documents & Links” section.

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Joint & Sole

Lisa Charney is a talented yoga teacher. Joint & Sole is an example of the birthing process that takes place when designing a website, organically. She originally wanted blues and peaches, now she has a quiet, soothing black and white website. Neither of us are certain how we got here, but the overall look and feel of the site is how I feel when practicing yoga … quiet and without distraction …visit her site and feel for yourself.

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Create Exceptional Leaders

SquareSpace, customized!

When I see a website that I love, I look at the ‘source-code’ to check how it was made. Most of the time I find WordPress in the background. But, lately, I have been seeing SquareSpace behind the scenes. I called them and asked a lot of questions about being able to modify it with my own jquery & css. They told me it would not be a problem to do so.

Audrey Sloofman (President of Create Exceptional Leaders ) came to me, needing her website up and running for a conference in Switzerland the following week. I saw my opportunity to get my hands dirty with SquareSpace.

I was pleasantly surprised. Audrey needed some coaching with the back-end interface, and I was also able to do some customization for her. In the future we will focus on SEO and additional features for the CEL website. But, for this 5 day build, SquareSpace came to the rescue.

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Bachmann & Associates

Bill Bachmann traveled & photographed for some of the world’s biggest ad agencies, travel companies, cruises, magazines, airlines, restaurants & Fortune 500 companies.

For his Orlando and Florida markets he  handpicked an exceptional group of photographers & videographers Bachmann & Associates. This website showcases their amazing work.

Bill is one of the warmest people I have had the pleasure to work with. This warmth is what gave him the connection and the eye to not only capture amazing photographs, but to also pick an amazing team to work in his Florida market.

Bill Bachman passed on to Heaven on 10/11/2017. He wanted to keep his personal website up to inspire others. You can visit his pictures and words at www.billbachmann.com.

The world is a little brighter for having had him on it. He is sorely missed.

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Morristown CraftMarket

The Kiwanis Club of Randolph sponsors the annual Morristown CraftMarket. Anita Freeman, a representative from the Kiwanis Club, asked Lois Reed Designs to design a website that would complement their show. Being an artist myself, and having participated in similar shows in past years, I was thrilled to take this project. The quality of the art accepted into the Morristown CraftMarket was a great inspiration when designing the look of the MACM website.

UPDATED responsive design coming in 2019!

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Linda Benanti Voice Studio

Linda Benanti is a brilliant voice teacher,  located in Kinnelon, New Jersey.

Not wanting to take time away from her work, she asked only for a presence on the web. We decided to create a 1 page website for her voice studio containing contact information and a bit about Linda herself. The video on the page shows the depths of Linda Benanti’s talent.

note: this is an older build, not yet coded for touch technologies. Check back in the future and we will have it updated!

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David Toporowski

Artist David Toporowski wanted to update his website, which had been built using a template that worked on the internet. Because the code was dated, I suggested that we build a new website, and use his art and his signature as the source of the website’s “look.”

David’s website is a perfect example of letting the client’s work design the site, rather than me, the website designer. Every visual element in this website is a piece of David’s artwork. When working with artists, there are times that I have to step back as a designer and simply put their work into XHTML code.

note: since the time of this build responsive touch technology has come out and this website has not been updated. I hope to be the announcing an update in the near future!

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Art & Soul, 108

Nitya Martino, a Certified Structural Yoga Therapist & Fine Artist, contacted Lois Reed Designs to build a website for her healing arts practice.

I wanted her website to evolve from her artwork, into a serene place for her to share information about her work. In addition to using Nitya’s artwork as the frame for the website, each section uses a corresponding Chakra color.

Although I no longer work with Nitya, I loved this site so much that I have kept the image of the homepage here as a sample.

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