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New Smyrna Beach Residents, 2019


Turnbull Creek Bond

City Commission Special Workshop, Tuesday, January 15, 4-7 pm,
Brannon Center

Get Involved!

Commissioner Kolody has proposed a citizen committee to be formed as part of the implementation of the Turnbull Creek Bond. The details of this committee are yet to be determined; it has the full endorsement of the Commission.

There is growing concern that there will be pressure from the County and the City to fast track the sales tax proposal without allowing all to be educated on the consequences and implications of approving the tax.

What you can do:
– Educate yourself
– Come to meetings
– Speak up
– Ask Questions
– Write and contact your Commissioner (see contact information)


Don’t be shy, feel free to ask questions in the meetings and committees and of the NSBCSG Management Team. Let’s tackle short and long term goals by being part of the solution in 2019.

Next opportunity for citizens input/involvement: City Commission Special Workshop, Tuesday, January 15, 4-7pm, Brannon Center


A voice of reason …

Love Your Planet.
Protect Your Planet.

The destruction on State Rd 44, driving into New Smyrna Beach. These wetlands, this forest, will become “Coastal Woods” development. There are hundreds more in the works, against the citizens’ outcry.

The heartbreaking destruction of the forests in New Smyrna Beach, Florida has broken many hearts and killed many “protected” gopher tortoises,  baby birds, foxes, bears and 400 year old Live Oak trees; just to name a few of the vibrant lives that once lived in these lands. The gross display of greed and sprawl has been overwhelming for the citizens of this lovely area.

The harm to the Indian River Lagoon, the most diverse estuary in North America, is so apparent. As a kayak tour guide for 10 years on these waters I can tell you there is so much death & so little life left in these once abundant waters.

What is to become of our manatee and our dolphins? What is to become of our very home – Earth?

This little one knows the evils of what is being done right before her eyes. Please, let’s listen to our children. They seem to hold a wisdom that is sorely lacking in our “leaders”.

Love the Earth.

May all Beings be Happy. May all Beings be Healthy. May all Beings live in Peace …