Art in the Forest, Art on the beach

Artist, Coastal & Florida Freshwater Naturalist, Tree Hugger
Exploring Nature, Art & Life.

This class will take us out of our noisy world for a brief time. All phones off, all demands put aside.

We will make the time to listen to nature calling our very spirit.  We will walk and find objects that speak to us and then return to our creating spot to learn about them and to make art with them.

There is no art experience required, as we will not be using traditional art for our creations. We will explore the freedom found in mixed media art & organic art.

We are all “makers of things”.  Let us explore our world and allow our minds rest and play.

“… how you see and what you see will determine how and who you will be”
John O’Donohue, Anam Cara
“… Rather than employ the criteria of right & wrong … to judge creative endeavors we might substitute other, more fitting and more illuminating criteria.

Instead of asking “is this right? … we could ask “How honest was I? How deep did I allow myself to go? What range of new territory have I explored? How close to the center of my sense of Self did I dare to go? What really resonates within me as true in the work, what is fake and tinny?

… The notion that there is a right and wrong in creative expression is inherently debilitating.”

Peter London, No More Secondhand Art

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