Hosting is the most important part of a good website, and one of the best hosting providers in the industry for standard small business wordpress websites is Siteground.

I use mostly Divi as a parent theme, then create your customizations in a child theme. SiteGround understands Divi and even partnered with Elegant Themes to provide on click installs and have optimized servers specifically for the needs and requirements of Divi. Their great support, performance, value, and commitment to reinvesting into their infrastructure sets them apart from other affordable hosting companies.

As a website designer who builds your websites on my SiteGround server, before cloning it to my clients’ servers, I know the headaches of wrestling with the code to get what was working wonderfully on SiteGround to now work on their host. 9 times out of 10 there is a huge problem, with hours to repair the issues.

I am considering charging less if the client agrees to host with SiteGround


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