Kinnelon Volunteer Animal Shelter

Custom WordPress Website,

Kinnelon Volunteer Animal Shelter

I originally built this website in HTML back in early 2000.

Since then, websites have had to adapt and evolve alongside technology. I took the original concept and transformed it into a responsive website.

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This is a sample of the inner pages

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Custom Surf Shop Website

custom website design, lois reed designs

“Be Like Water”

Nichols Surfshop, New Smyrna Beach

nichols surf shop, NSB

Nichols Surf Shop has been providing surf lessons to people of all ages and abilities since the 1980s and has developed a unique teaching routine that takes just two hours, with one hour on land and one in the surf.

Nichols also rents AND delivers SUPs, Kayaks, Bicycles & Surf Boards, and offers Kayak Ecotours to make your play in New Smyrna Beach all the more enjoyable.

This website was pure delight to build, as the owners of Nichols are pure delight! You will love working with them.

The Ecotour Guides are Florida Master Naturalists & lead ecotours for visitors and locals alike. I was an ecotour guide for Nichols for years, until my move back to the mountains!

Nichols Surf Shop
custom website design, lois reed designs
lois reed website design
Lois Reed Ecotour

Lois Reed, leading one of Nichols’ Ecotours

Responsive & Evolving

Any website is ever evolving with the times.

The old website was static HTML. Now we have phones, ipads, laptops, big screen TVs – all of which are used to surf the web.

As a result, the old html cannot shrink and grow. This was the first reason for the re-design. The second was to add sections that showcase all that Nichols offers New Smyrna Beach.

Next we will be adding a section highlighting the surfboard repair that is done at the shop.

Gift Certificates and Social Media Graphics
creative website design
Nichols Surf Shop

Galleries of New Smyrna fun to be had at Nichols

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purchase an ecotour while you explore the website

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Custom Websites, Fruit of the Vine

Custom Website, Fruit of the Vine Vestments

custom website design, lois reed designs

Colleen Hintz, owner and creator of Fruit of the Vine Vestments, is a force of talent beyond the average.I always love getting new pictures of her work. The detail and love put into each vestment is amazing.

The galleries are split into color, as the events mostly have their own color that corresponds. It’s worth clicking through and admiring her artistry.

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Burban Laser, custom wordpress website

Custom WordPress Website,

Burban Laser

This website is in the process of being updated, but still shows the beauty of a customized wordpress website

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custom hoodie

Lois Reed Designs | Eco Soul Art

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