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the center for optimum living

The Center for Optimum Living, in Kinnelon NJ, was my first real client when I started Lois Reed Designs.

I took pictures of the Center and based the entire site, color scheme and all, on these beautiful images.

Unfortunatly, the Center decided to build a new website with WIX. I don’t work with templates so they had another person take over. This is a website where I wish that I had taken a picture of each page so that one could see the difference between WIX and a custom built website.

Below are some comps and a screenshot of my homepage for them. It’s hard to let go of such a beautiful website, but I have to honor the clients’ wishes.

custom website design, lois reed designs

A screenshot of the homepage before they switched to wix. The first picture in this slider is the image that gave me the color scheme for the website, as you can see below.

Lois Reed Designs, custom websites

developing the color scheme

custom website design, lois reed designs

A comp of an inner page for the client to approve before coding.

Lois Reed Designs

the present WIX version:

WIX website destruction