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The most common question I get asked  is “what does a website cost?” This is not a simple question to answer, as each website has different requirements.

The designer needs to find out the details, the expectations and the scope of the project before preparing a price quote.

By filling out this website questionnaire you will begin to lay the groundwork for your website. It will help you define your goals for the site, regardless of which website design company you choose to build your site. Taking the time to answer the questions below is the first step toward planning your website.

If you want to know how we can help build your website, send us the questionnaire once you have completed it. We will get back to you with a development plan that we will best meet your needs, plus an estimate for our work. If we both agree on the scope and the cost of the work we will be on our way to creating the perfect website for you.

Please don’t feel like you need to answer every question below. You can start by answering the ones that you are most clear about and we can work on the other questions together.

Your Website Worksheet

Your Website Worksheet

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