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Hosting is the most important part of a good website, and one of the best hosting providers in the industry for standard small business wordpress websites is Siteground.

I use mostly Divi as a parent theme, then create your customizations in a child theme. SiteGround understands Divi and even partnered with Elegant Themes to provide on click installs and have optimized servers specifically for the needs and requirements of Divi. Their great support, performance, value, and commitment to reinvesting into their infrastructure sets them apart from other affordable hosting companies.

As a website designer who builds your websites on my SiteGround server, before cloning it to my clients’ servers, I know the headaches of wrestling with the code to get what was working wonderfully on SiteGround to now work on their host. 9 times out of 10 there is a huge problem, with hours to repair the issues.

I am considering charging less if the client agrees to host with SiteGround


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Our website and logo design process

We work for YOU

Our Website and Logo Design Process is very personal; tailored to you, your business and the message that you want to convey.

Each font, color theme, image, word, etc., is taken into serious consideration and worked until it is a perfect fit for you and your message.

We work closely and tirelessly, until we have a perfect fit. Then we stay with you, and keep your site safe and updated on a regular basis, with check-ins, updates and regular meetings.

Check out the samples of new and old websites that we have loved working on – from photoshop to code to live on the internet.

We guide, educate and work with you every step of the way. We celebrate and present who you are and what you want to convey.

Call today for a free consultation.



Somewhere an artist’s pixels are crying …

… you study design and art all of your life.
You go to art school and learn about 
     color theory
                  font matching
     the need for the eye to rest on white space
             contrast  ….

And you take all of that expertise into your work and design a kick-ass website, only to hand it over and watch all of the fine details you nurtured and brought to life slowly disappear in the CMS website that anyone can log into and change once you have finished your build.

Respect your website designer

“New” Website, rebuilt for ever changing technologies

Colleen Hintz is a force of creativity!

I immediately  fell in love with her work, and knew that I wanted to create sliding banners for each page, as well as use her vestments as a background for the body.

The Fruit of the Vine website was originally built in static HTML/CSS with Flash galleries.  I recently customized a wordpress theme for her, to match her old site, but work on touch tecnology and responsive screens. Enter and enjoy!
Each piece is an amazing work of art!

The DIVI Line

Hide the DIVI line

The Divi line that you dread, and can’t remove

I found the css code to remove the DIVI header line once and for all. Add this to your style.css:

@media all and (min-width: 981px) {
.et_fixed_nav.et_show_nav.et_secondary_nav_enabled.et_header_style_centered #page-container {padding-top: 186px !important;}

Wala, line gone.

New website build, MDC

The Marine Discovery Center, Discover Amazing!

I have spent many hours giving eco-tours and volunteering for MDC. As a result, building this website was a labor of the heart.

With an emphasis on conservation, eco-tours and camps I coined the line Exploration | Conservation | Education to drive the UI (User Interface) of the website. This helped to highlight the key mission of MDC, as well as assisting the visitor in navigating to the sections they are interested in.

The images are a combination of photography taken by the MDC staff and stock photography, giving the website a personal touch & showcasing our local beauty.

Please take the time to read through the pages and learn about all of the incredible work MDC is doing for the environment!